Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Birthday Craze!!

There has been sooooo many birthdays here lately!!! So we have been busy celebrating Jacy's, Isaac's, Clint's, and David's birthdays!!

I've been getting a hard time about the they kept playing the stanky leg for me and I finally busted out with my own version with Nathan
Jacy's Birthday complete with pin the tail on the donkey!

Birthday Girl!
Roommate Lindy!

The Boot

After 4 weeks of wearing the boot, I go back to the doctor for more x-rays (expecting to get the boot off today), and yet I am told 2 more weeks!!! Will it ever end!?!?! Due to my disappointment, I went on a Hobby Lobby shopping spree to deck the boot out, and here is my new and approved boot!!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Oh the Things We Do in College!

Last week as I am driving home, I heard on the radio that the 4th e-mail they recieved would win tickets to The Maroon and White Party at the Pen! So I pulled out my phone and low and behold won 4 tickets!! Because Jake and Alex are such fans of Casey Donahew it was must to bring them...and my other country loving friend Jadwiga!!

Everytime we get together we started the tradition of taking a hook'em/gig'em picture well when we saw this we HAD to take another one!
And then they played the Aggie Fight Song before Casey Donahew!! Jadwiga, Me, and Jake's cousin, Travis, busted out with the swaying! I left the Longhorn and the "Texas A&M Red Raider" out

You may remember my post from April when I met Clay Walker after Trae Viser jumped in the water for me. Well people at the concert were at it again...including Jake, who took me in with him. This water was waaaaay worst than it was at Clay Walker...I wouldn't even stick my feet in it! Swimming in lakes and ponds is one thing, but this...YUCKY!!
And then Alex was pulled in...and later Jake submerged us. Yes we went under! GROSS!! But showers IMMEDIATELY followed the concert!...Oh and by the way, Mom and Carrie Rose I did have a bathing suit underneath this ensemble so no one could see what I got. I know ya'll tend to doubt me on that!

And by the end of the concert...we were a sight to see!! Mud, yuck water, and all! Hey you only live once! and I can say I did it!!

Summer Recap

I've lost base with the blog. Especially since mom, dad, and now grandma all have facebook to keep in touch with what I have been up to! But since the summer has come and gone, here's a little summary of what my summer was like!!

4th of July weekend a group of us made the roadtrip to Possum Kingdom in Graham, TX to celebrate Kelsi's birthday and the 4th of July.

With the birthday girl!All day on the fourth we laid out on the lake. We took the boat out to meet up with Kelsi's family friends' 80 foot houseboat! It was insane!! This summer my aunt married to Jason. I have been able to hang out with them a few times at the river and then again at his daughter Jayci's birthday party
Mom and I spend quality time together at the Elvis impersonation in downtown Conroe.

In Austin, I caught up wtih my uncles, Brian and Mark, to watch Mark's band Fan to Flame perform live! He has an inspirational rock band that has been picking up several shows! He will be coming to itunes soon...I will be sure to keep you updated!

Of course swimming is required every summer!! And I spent many of hours laying out by the pool, but my favorite is always swimming with the cousins!!!
It seems like everyone was moving, but me!! I decided to stay in the same apt to avoid the packing and moving, but in college it's almost inevitable not to move someone each summer!! You can tell how productive we were in helping Jacob and Garrett move!

What kind of Madisonville citizen would I be if I didn't make trip to Buc-ee's?? I was able to introduce several people to the famous truck stop and pictures was always a necessity there!!Of course I made several trips to Huntsville this summer!!

Eating Chinese with Alex and Doug

Hanging out with the boys!

Doing the Hoedown Throwdown in the middle of car hide and seek at Sam Houston

And roadtripping with Bearkats to the Astros game vs the Diamondbacks

And whenever possible get together's with Alex Z were always amazing when we both found time in our crazy schedules!!

After several trips down, Jake finally decided to become an Aggie and made the move from Lubbock!! I have my work cut out for me taking him from a Raider to an Aggie!

Although it didn't happen near enough...hanging out with the girls were squeezed in whenever possible!!

It's been an awesome summer! I hate that it has already come and gone...but the good thing about college is you can still fit in the naps, the laying out, and the roadtrips! Makes me not want college to ever end!! ...I'm sure Dad's opinion is different! No worries, Dad, I plan on being out this time next year!! YIKES!!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


This past week 5 of us piled into a car and made the uncomfortable trip to float the Guadalupe River...for the record Jonathan's Lexus was made for speed not for 3 deep backseat comfort! But we rotated seats and survived!
Our group...Brittany (from South Dakota), Jonathan Richter, Alex Zografos, Me, Jake (from Tech), and Aaron Dean

The Girls

The Boys

After working up an appetite on the river...we headed to Chilis for dinner!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

What a Weekend!

Summetime came, and we took off!! There were lots of pictures taken this lots to share!

Earlier this week we ran to Huntsville and played some water volleyball with Kole, David, Isaac, Steven, and Tanner!
I don't know how many times they did this or how many pictures were taken, but it had to be just right..and finally we got one the boys approved of!

Steven, Isaac, David, and Tanner

Jason suprised us in has been a while!

Jadwiga..always game for a roadtrip

Our next trip was to Austin, Texas for Alex's Birthday!!

Jadwiga and I were so worn out from Huntsville and finals earlier that week, that were the party poopers of the weekend...we were in Austin by 10 and then tucked into bed well before 1 (which in college time, on a early!)

Saturday morning we woke up and got dressed to float the river, but after a couple of hours of watching it downpour...we decided to nap instead. By the end of the day, everything was drench and a cold front had moved in, but I was bound and determined to put my swimsuit to use!

So I just dove into the FREEZING cold apt pool

The official Birthday dinner at Third Base!!

As in Aggie, you are required to Whoop in Austin...and notice I get to Whoop up now!!! I'm a SENIOR!!!

I've passed the capital lit up at night everytime I'm in Austin and I've always wanted to go there and take pictures of was Beautiful!!

Dancing at the capital!